Chocolates and Sweets

NonEssentials features a wildly delicious array of chocolates from the deepest darkest Michel Cluizel  to John Kelly’s beautiful gold bars.  From truffle bars to truffle bites, chocolate from around the world and chocolate from just down the road, chocolate to drizzle and chocolate to nibble, there is something for everyone.  Many of our choices are soy and dairy free, vegan, and often contain as few as three ingredients.  The sweets don’t end with the chocolate either.  We have a nice array of licorice, hard candies, caramels both shaped and in jars to top ice cream or cheese cake  (or just eat with a spoon!) Like all of the products at NonEssentials, our emphasis is local with Kahiltna Birchworks bits of magic wrapped in gold foil, birch drizzled coconut made by Sample Alaska and Chugach Chocolate’s rich bars.  Then we go way beyond the borders of Alaska to explore at least 12 of the 50 states including Puna Hawaiian chocolate.  From there we reach out to Iceland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, France and elsewhere to make the selection as wide and interesting as we possibly can.  So a bite or a bar, it is your choice – and choice you have PLENTY of!


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March 28, 2018