Owners Denise Nelson and Heidi Sena

NonEssentials is all about getting people to feel empowered, equipped and in love in the kitchen. Food is love and every step you take inside of the Palmer, Alaska teas, artisan oil and vinegar and kitchen sundries store reflects the good taste of the original owner, Denise Statz. New owners, Denise Nelson & Heidi Sena plan to continue her legacy. 

Supporting Artisan Craftsman from Alaska and Beyond

NonEssentials helps support and promote artisan craftsman both in and out of Alaska.  Denise Statz started NonEssentials with a commitment to helping people make their dining room tables into a happier place. She always wanted to help them define their personal aesthetic in the kitchen and in the home. An avid cook herself, Denise chose product lines by the quality and purity of the product. When it comes to food, the product has to have only a few ingredients, and through a personal relationship with the creators, genuine enthusiasm for their vision & mission is attained.

Why Supporting Alaskan Producers Is So Important

NonEssentials endeavors to supply as much local products as possible and we prides ourselves with having been the launching point for many Alaskan brands. It is this commitment to local products that has helped separate NonEssentials from many stores in the state.  Creating beauty in and out of the kitchen has always been our passion. 

A Stroll Through Our Store is Unforgettable

When you walk into NonEssentials, you are immediately struck by the “I want that, no I need that” vibe.  Walking around every corner is a delight to the senses: mouth watering olive oils and vinegars, delectable chocolates, must-have soaps and lotions, and an endless array of loose leaf teas that leave you transfixed wondering at the potential flavors. If ever there was a store the promoted hygge, it is NonEssentials located in downtown Palmer.

Wanderers and well-wishers are always welcome in our door.  Come on in and see what you’ll find.

Visit Us

728 S Alaska St
Palmer, Alaska

(907) 745-2258

Open Monday—Saturday
10 am—6 pm